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    Community Concerns

Some issues had already been raised by members of the community, prior to the first meeting of the Committee. These were reported in the Committee’s brief, as follows:
  • concern that there is not enough information about what happens at the facility, and especially independent information;
  • some members of the community regarded the facility as inherently dangerous, particularly regarding ship safety and the ship-to-shore transfer of chemicals;
  • there was a widely held view in the community that the facility does not legitimately belong at Coode Island and that it should be relocated;
  • some members of the community wanted to initiate community monitoring of health, safety and environmental aspects of the facility, such as the use of emission detection systems and air monitoring stations;
  • some members of the community wanted to discuss their concerns about the safety of the facility and emergency planning;
  • some members of the community had expressed concern about the dangers associated with the transport of hazardous chemicals from the facility through the neighbouring suburbs;
  • the introduction of independent environmental auditing of the facility had also been raised as a matter which members of the community wished to take up with the facility operator;
  • there was concern that there should be community awareness of, and input into, the State Government’s Coode Island Taskforce recommendations on Coode Island, expected to be considered by the Government in early 1998;
  • there was an expectation that the community should be involved in emergency management and planning relating to the facility;
  • members of the community had expressed their wish to be involved and consulted in proposals for plant upgrades, expansions and other modifications of the facility;
  • members of the community were interested in having a say in the development of information packages about the facility and its operations which are released to the community; and
  • there was an opinion in the community that there should be environmental reporting by Terminals Pty. Ltd.

  Terminals PL's 1997 survey of community attitudes


A 1997 survey of community attitudes about Coode Island indicated that a large percentage of the community (36%) did not know enough about Coode Island to form an opinion about the operational performance of the facility; 61% were also concerned about the Government’s decision to allow the facility to stay at Coode Island.

They expressed concerns about: the risk of explosions (51%); the facilities proximity to residential areas (31%); air pollution and emissions (26%); the risk of fires (24%); about the facility itself (13%); and transport hazards (2%).

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